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NGO Centre Programme in South Asia


A premier Institute engaged in the area of Social Work and Applied Social Sciences is initiating a major programme for the enhancement of NGOs in South Asia. An important objective of the programme will be to assist the development of the least developed countries in South Asia by supporting the development or strengthening of NGO Centres in those countries as a way of enhancing their NGO sectors. Some of the activities will be focussed mainly on India and the programme will collaborate with any other centres with similar objectives in countries outside India.
The core objectives of the NGO programme are six fold:
1. To establish and operate an NGO centre
2. To establish and operate a database NGO in South Asia
3. To offer support services to NGOs for fulfilling their role and enhancing their capacity to contribute to the social development process
4. To develop a programme of activity including publications, action research projects, documentation projects and promotion of networks in specific areas
5. To carry out research on the roles of NGOs in social development and
6. To organise workshops and conferences which will facilitate the dissemination of NGO sector and the results of action research and so on, to enhance networking among NGOs.
I am writing this letter to seek your help in identifying possible sources of funds. I have the project document ready and got it approved by the head of my Institute. I shall be happy to forward the proposal to anyone who may be in a position to help us getting in touch with interested funding agencies and foundations.
Please send me name and email addresses of foundataions and funding agencies that may be interested to support such a project in Soth Asia.
I am also exploring possibilities to collaborate with similar nonprofit resource and research centres. I invite dialogue on this matter.
Programme Director : Dr. Swapan Garain

By Rana Aftab
Karachi Sindh Pakistan

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