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Pakistan is an Islamic democratic country. Before partition, Pakistan was known as India. Due to a two-nation theory (hindu-muslim), it became independent on August 14, 1947. Many people sacrificed their lives, their properties, families, and their homes for an independent country. How they achieved this was because of one man Mohammed Ali Jinnah, also known as the quaid-e-azam, which means great leader. He is the father of the nation. India would never have become two separate countries if it were not for a religious clash. Hindus and Muslims, because the Muslims were a minority, they could not practice their religion freely. The Hindus worshipped the cow and the Muslims ate the meat of cows. This also caused a clash. Muslims worshipped an unseen one God whereas the Hindus worshipped many Gods in the guise of statues. Hindus also had the best jobs and businesses, which lead the Muslim minority to plead for a separate country where they could freely practice their religion, and have freedom of speech. So when Mohammed Ali Jinnah found Pakistan a country for the Muslims, people were so happy that they were willing to sacrifice whatever they had. Women were raped, children were killed, basically there was no value for human life. There was so much bloodshed of innocent people for getting pakistan.
Pakistan has an important place in south Asia, it is the neighbor of three nuclear powered countries i.e.; China, India, Russia. It also neighbors Afghanistan and Iran. Arabian Sea is situated in the south of Pakistan. The world's highest road known as quraquram road, which is 1120km, is the main link to China and Pakistan. The total area of Pakistan is 796,098sq km, which consists of four provinces known as, Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh, and NWFB. Balochistan is the largest area of the four provinces. Pakistan is also the 30th largest country in the world. Its population is 140 million but the new consensus count has not yet been announced. It is the 10th largest populated country in the world.
Due to being a Muslim country its religion is Islam. Muslims contain 96.7% of the population. Hindus Christians and Buddhists are in the minority. According to Pakistani law every religion has the right to practice their religion freely. The widely eaten food is wheat and rice, and the favorite drink is tea. Pakistanis like their food to be spicy, even hot. Their curries consist of chicken, meat, minced meat and vegetables. These curries are eaten either with rice or chappattis or nans.

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